GATE develops people with the skills and entrepreneurial passion to develop innovative Big Data business opportunities. The research, collaborations and networks around GATE are expected to create an abundant source of potentially new products and services. With the right people, equipped to recognize attractive prospects and the capabilities and drive to act, GATE is expected to create new start-ups and other innovative projects.

GATE equips researchers and students with the necessary skills to recognize opportunities and to make decisions that take these ideas towards commercial success. They have to know what a good business opportunity is, and what the key business issues to address are. These abilities are based on not only knowledge, that can be taught, but also on experience. GATE, therefore, contributes with both education in entrepreneurship and access to professionals with long experience in the field. Finally, the ability to act on entrepreneurial opportunities depends on the available resources and capabilities of the innovation system. For this reason, there will be a facilitation of ideas and best practices between Bulgaria and Sweden on venture creation, particularly for the IT area.