GATE offers a dynamic environment and meeting arena for its staff and member organisations with an open interface to the world as a sustainable ecosystem of stakeholders. GATE strives to involve a diversity of people from its members – including scientists, engineers, business developers, entrepreneurs and government civil servants – to facilitate exchange and creation of new ideas, joint activities and relations.
GATE membership allows stakeholders and individuals in Bulgaria to participate in the activities of the Institute and to benefit from their special status. GATE Membership is open for organisations from public and private sector, industry, academia and professional organisations, as well as for individual professionals that support the objectives of the GATE Institute. They are the first to hear about new Big Data trends, knowledge and research as well as they will have the opportunity to sit at the table with Big Data thought leaders and have their voice heard to steer conversations around pilot projects, guidelines and best practices. The members are introduced to partners, clients, and experts who can provide advice, insight, and potential new business. These connections can be made at any of GATE networking events.
There are three tiers of membership:

  • Tier 1 – Corporate full membership
  • Tier 2 – Corporate associate membership
  • Tier 3 – Individual full membership