On May 12-13, 35 specialists from libraries and community centres from Pazardzhik and the region will be trained. Increasing the resilience of society to disinformation depends on improving the information and media literacy of citizens.

“The event is organized immediately after the Day of Bulgarian Librarians – May 11. This emphasizes the importance of media and information literacy in the context of the activities of library and community centre specialists, “said the director of the library Lachezar Rikov.

Assoc. Prof. Milena Dobreva, who heads the research activities in the field of disinformation at GATE, stressed that this training is unique as it is focused on practical aspects. “Many training programmes still have a more theoretical bias, and our emphasis is on exercises with different technological tools and the planning of training programmes for different groups of people, where disinformation comes through different channels. The behaviour of young people in the information environment, for instance, is different from that of their parents and in these two days we will discuss how libraries can develop media and information literacy of different groups of people, “said Assoc. Prof. Dobreva.