Organized jointly by GATE Institute, Bulgaria and Chalmers University of Technology and Chalmers Industriteknik,  Sweden, the forum aims to present GATE’s achievements in the context of the recent developments in Big data and Artificial intelligence in Europe and worldwide. The focus of this year’s event are data spaces and how they support research innovations in GATE targeted application domains: Future Cities, Digital Health and Intelligent Government.

Marking the opening of the GATE’s new building, the forum will demonstrate how modern infrastructure enables technology development and innovation.  It will bring together the GATE ecosystem offering opportunities for exchange of ideas and networking, and encouraging future collaborations.

The forum will comprise keynotes by distinguished experts and business leaders in the field of Data and AI, and Data Spaces, as well as thematic panels on Urban Digital Twins, Digital Health, Disinformation and GATE initiatives as a NATO testing centre.   

Join us to learn more about GATE’s achievements in the past year and how we hope to set the trends for further data and AI innovation!