The Laboratory aims to build a digital twin of the city, which will facilitate the design, experimentation and analysis of urban planning and processes. As a result, data-driven decision-making will be enabled using data obtained in the Municipality’s systems and structures and data collected in real-time in the laboratory.


The City Living Lab currently includes three types of sensor stations, installed in the Lozenets district of Sofia.

The air monitoring stations are 12 and collect data about air quality, including levels of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, fine dust particles (10 and 2.5), carbon dioxide, and ozone, as well as climate data for temperature, pressure, humidity, wind direction and speed, precipitation levels and noise level. An additional 60 fully autonomous sensors measure noise levels and directions. The Lab also includes 50 pedestrian counters, which are located around busy junctions.

Another piece of equipment is the LIDAR sensor system, installed on one of the busiest intersections in Lozenets – Cherni vrah blvd and Henrik Ibsen str. The system includes 6 laser scanning sensors which provide automatic object recognition of passing people and vehicles.

The Lab is also equipped with a DJI MATRICE 300 RTK drone that collects additional data through close-range photogrammetry and LIDAR scanning.

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