In a multi-day pressure cooker program young bright minds from all around Europe will compete to find the best solutions to problems in the world of today and tomorrow. They will form up teams to take on challenges linked to the 5 EU Missions in the light of Horizon Europe.

After an extensive selection process with over 730 applications from 34 countries, finally, the names of the selected participants were revealed at the EuroScience Open Forum 2022 (ESOF2022). We are happy to announce that among the selected few who will have the chance to take part in the first TalentOn and face the global challenges is Mariya Pantusheva, an experienced researcher at GATE Institute, who will compete in the Mission Arena 03 Climate-Neutral & Smart Cities. This arena was the most desired of all with 238 applicants fighting for only 24 seats. Furthermore, not all EU countries will have their representatives in the competition, but Bulgaria is among those who do.

The EU Missions are a new way to bring concrete solutions to some of our greatest challenges. They have ambitious goals and will deliver concrete results by 2030.

EU Missions will support Europe’s transformation into a greener, healthier, more inclusive and resilient continent. They aim to bring tangible benefits to people in Europe and engage Europeans in their design, implementation and monitoring.