The seminar aimed to shed light on the entrepreneurial landscape in Bulgaria by sharing the results of previously conducted interviews and engaging in interactive discussions. Attendees gained valuable insights into the current trends, needs, challenges, and best practices that shape the entrepreneurial ecosystem across the EU.

The seminar opened with remarks from Prof. Sylvia Ilieva, Director of the GATE Institute who  highlighted the activities of the institute as a link between the scientific sector and business.

The event was divided into two comprehensive parts, each designed to address critical aspects of entrepreneurship and provide practical guidance to participants.

The first part began with a presentation of the ExcellEnt Project, followed by Lora Yosifova from the Ministry of innovation and growth, who discussed support mechanisms for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria. Georgi Kudrev, founder of Kelvin Health then shared his inspiring journey as a leading entrepreneur, offering valuable lessons and motivation.

A highlight of the session was the panel discussion titled “Innovation Across Industry Sectors: Strategies and Experience Stories of Technology Entrepreneurs”. The panel featured insightful contributions from Radoslav Rizov (MIG), Stoyan Nedin (Vitosha Venture Partners), Prof. Todor Yalamov (Sofia University), and Gorian Varbanov (Quendoo). The discussion emphasized the importance of innovation and cross-sector collaboration, providing diverse perspectives from experienced professionals.

The second part of the seminar focused on practical skills and resources to support entrepreneurial development, a session on developing design thinking and generating new ideas, equipping attendees with creative problem-solving tools essential for entrepreneurial success. Ivaylo Ivanov from the Founder Institute then provided a comprehensive guidance on pitching preparation, ensuring participants are well-prepared to present their ideas effectively. At the end of the event the European Academy of Entrepreneurship, was introduced.

The seminar concluded with a networking session, allowing participants to engage in informal discussions and build valuable connections.