The DeepMind Scholarships are worth approximately €24 050 for the whole education program. The value covers the tuition fees and living expenses, paid in instalments over the duration of the course. In addition, as part of the initiative, scholars are to also receive regular invitations to niche events organised by DeepMind, a grant to attend an international conference in the field of AI and/or Machine Learning during the period of study, as well as funding for the purchase of essential equipment (suitable laptop etc.). The students will also receive individual mentorship from DeepMind and GATE.

The main goal of the partnership between Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”, GATE and DeepMind, is to demonstrate how encouraging students to pursue scientific careers in the strategic areas of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), especially if they belong to disadvantaged or underrepresented groups, could ensure AI benefits the whole of society.

“Our goal is to deliver the best possible education to talented students, irrespective of their background. The scholarship programme is a huge boost for us in our mission to attract young people to Big Data and AI careers,” says Professor Sylvia Ilieva, Director of GATE Institute.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants wishing to apply for the scholarship should meet the following criteria:

  • Identify as female, or come from a lower socio-economic background which does not allow them to take up the offer of admission without financial assistance;
  • Be ordinarily residents in Bulgaria or in the European Union;
  • Are enrolled in the program success rate of candidate-student exams not lower than 4.50
  • Have accepted an offer to study fог а two уеаг masters degree in AI, lnformation Retrieval and Knowledge Discovery with а focus on Machine Learning ог Big Data Technologies, subject to the student passing the entrance exams and being accepted into the relevant masters course at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski in the academic years of 2023-2024;
  • Have taken their bachelor’s degrees with a success rate not lower than 4.50.

Applications will be accepted until October 15, 2023, via our online form. To be considered, you will also need to send your documents by email to: , after submitting the application. Please include your full name so that we may attach them to your application.

The documents in question include:

  1. Motivation letter in a free text format;
  2. CV;
  3. Signed declaration for voluntary and informed consent for personal data processing on behalf of GATE Institute and Sofia University;
  4. Copy of the diploma for completed Bachelor’s degree;
  5. Document (certificate) that the student is enrolled in the master’s program with indicated success in the entrance exams;
  6. Document for income of each of the parents/guardians from employment (Issued from the place of work. The certificate must contain information about the amounts paid for at least the last 6 months);
  7. Certificate of declared income of the applicant and his/her parents. (Issued by the National Revenue Agency at the place of residence. The certificate is free of charge and must contain information on declared income for 2022 or a statement that there is no data on such income);
  8. Declaration, handwritten and signed by the applicant whether he/she or a member of his/her family has registered companies (it is not necessary to notarize).* Students from lower socioeconomic background are the only ones who must provide the documentation listed in points 6, 7, and 8.

Applications will be considered by a selection panel including professors from FMI at the GATE Institute, based on the following two criteria:

  • Meeting the eligibility categories;
  • Providing additional supporting documentation and evidence (financial status, student’s success rate, CV etc.).

Successful recipients will be selected on the basis of:

  • Content of application (quality of the motivation letter and the CV);
  • Confirmation of eligibility (as specified in criteria and supported by any required evidence).

Applicants will be notified of the outcome by 25 October 2023.