A special guest at the event was Dr. Orlin Kouzov, Education Laboratory Manager at the GATE Institute, who gave the final presentation on the topic “The role of artificial intelligence in improving the quality of administrative activity”, where he outlined in detail the expected changes in the labor market due to the revolutionary discoveries in the field of artificial intelligence and their influence on the activity of the public administration in the coming years. Various capabilities of cloud services based on artificial intelligence in areas such as customer service or video image processing were also demonstrated. Particular attention was paid to the change in the model of interaction between the administration and citizens, as a result of the expected digital changes, as well as the increased opportunities for civil servants to control the quality of the administrative services provided.

The presentation was met with great interest by the participants, and on the subsequent survey about their willingness to undergo special training in working with big data and artificial intelligence, all agreed that such training is necessary and would be happy to partner with the GATE Institute for its organisation.