Seven GATE researchers took part in the workshop and presented the outcomes of their ongoing work and projects focusing on the Institute’s approach to urban digital twins.

Kaloyan Karamitov, City Living Lab Manager, discussed the supply-demand analysis of urban amenities featuring kindergartens use case of Sofia.

Simeon Malinov, Junior Researcher, focused on 15-minutes walkable cities and walkability index of Sofia.

Emil Hristov, Junior Researcher, talked about building rooftops detection and classification.

Radostin Mitkov, Junior Researcher, presented outdoor CFD simulations and their applications. Mariya Pantusheva, Experienced Researcher, explored indoor CFD simulations for HVAC efficiency and environment quality assessment.

Peter Hristov, Experienced Researcher, presented an air quality spatial analysis.

In the panel “Smart data models, standards and ontologies”, Dessislava Petrova-Antonova, Research Leader, discussed the topic “ADEs for CityGML 3.0: Air quality and Vegetation”.