Leading scientists and young researchers from GATE spoke about the 3D model of Sofia, the analysis and simulation of the urban environment and processes, the application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in risk assessment and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and in the detection of disinformation. Interest in the event was also attracted by the GATE Facebook game, in which participants had to answer a question.

The forum was officially opened by Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth. In an emotional speech, she thanked all scientists and stressed: “Thank you for your work, for your tireless energy, for your desire to continue to show that science is not only knowledge but also a perspective for all of us to build a society, in which we are not only better at each other but also together we cope better with challenges. ”

“We are proud of your talent, we express our support, admiration and desire to continue to make us vibrate with your ideas and achievements,” said Mrs Gabriel.

Among the official guests were Prof. Mariya Stoycheva, Vice-Rector for International Affairs at Sofia University “St. Кliment Ohridski” and Karina Angelieva, advisor at the Ministry of Education and Science.

In her greeting, Prof. Stoycheva emphasized that Sofia University is a research university in which every scientist is also a lecturer and that is why it is important for the University to communicate science. Speaking about the role of science in our daily lives and for the building of a better society, Prof. Stoycheva named the GATE Institute as one of the centres of excellence, “which we are especially proud of.”

The GATE stand at the “Largo” attracted the interest of the old and young. Our young researchers found common ground with both children and adults and explained “in simple words” how their research projects can improve people’s lives.