More specifically ExcellEnt will explore novel ways to capture, curate, organise and communicate sets of unstructured entrepreneurial experiences; define an actionable skill-building model for successful entrepreneurship; enhance connectedness and collaborate with ecosystem representatives to support entrepreneurs and transform all this into a shared resource that people can augment.

Beside GATE, the project consortium includes Greek, French, Irish, Turkish and Ukrainian partners.  The project partners will identify the state of play of the entrepreneurial ecosystems through conducting interviews with several entrepreneurs, incubators, universities, and policy makers. GATE institute will analyse existing theoretical models for successful entrepreneurship and integrate them with field practice. This will allow for better alignment of the practices of education institutes with the ones of the innovation practitioners, thus assisting the learning process, derived from successes and failures of founders. Feedback received by innovation practitioners will be used to feed into the academic curriculum by identifying appropriate courses provided to students.

Irena Pavlova, Manager European Programmes and Projects and Denitsa Stoilova, Business Development Expert attended the kick-off meeting on behalf of GATE Institute.