The seminar discussed the stages of the lifecycle of Big Data pipelines as well as concrete technologies for supporting them. It demonstrated the overall vision of the DataCloud project, which is the creation of a novel paradigm for Big Data pipeline processing over heterogeneous resources encompassing the Computing Continuum, covering the complete lifecycle of managing Big Data pipelines. The developed project toolbox with a number of tools to be used by business case providers was also presented.

The second part of the seminar was dedicated to the upcoming enRichMyData project, which addresses issues related to a subset of Big Data pipelines – data enrichment pipelines. The focus was on the project concept and approach.

The lecturers were Dumitru Roman (PhD), a Senior Research Scientist at SINTEF AS (Norway) and associate professor at the University of Oslo (Norway), and Nikolay Nikolov, a PhD fellow at the University of Oslo and a research scientist at the Smart Data group at SINTEF Digital. Both lecturers are part of the team of the GATE’s InterTwino project.