The school is designed for students and young professionals in computer science, journalism and philology. It aims to present how the methods of traditional linguistic analysis are applied, which helps to identify statements that need to be verified, as well as the methods in the field of automatic natural language processing. In addition to providing useful knowledge and skills in the field of text analysis from social media, the school integrates knowledge from various philological disciplines and develops useful skills in the field of information literacy.


  • Introduction to disinformation, malinformation and misinformation.
  • Social media and disinformation – a brief overview with examples related to COVID-19.
  • Recognition of disinformation – main challenges.
  • Language markers for disinformation (in Bulgarian).
  • Use of natural language processing technologies – how to develop machine learning methods for recognizing disinformation.
  • What organizations fight disinformation and how.
  • Personal role and contribution in reducing disinformation. Information and media literacy.


The summer school is financially supported by the GATE Institute and is free for participants. Interested candidates must apply by July 8, 2021, by filling out this application form: