Dr. Georgi Petkov focused on the potential of data spaces and intelligent algorithms as the key to new therapies and prevention strategies in medical practice. He drew attention to the huge transformative effect of digital health technologies on healthcare worldwide – including the possibilities for early diagnosis, prevention, monitoring and continuous management of the patient’s health, the development of personalized medicines and treatment strategies, which will simultaneously lead to a reduction in costs and an increase in the accessibility of medical services.

According to Dr. Petkov, big data and digital transformation impose specific interconnections and define the place of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the golden triangle: clinic, business, center for expertise. Relationships that, according to him, should be regulated and stimulated.

“We are not only looking for academic development, but we are looking for answers to meaningful clinical questions. Talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning, we need a lot of data and a suitable platform for it. This is how we will create algorithms that learn and improve with a clear conceptual, legal and financial framework,” noted Dr. Georgi Petkov.

Photo credit: Nikolay Doichinov for “Manager”