The conference was organised by the BEYOND 4.0 Project Consortium and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (in collaboration with the European School of Social Innovation ESSI, the European Workplace Innovation EUWIN network and other networks and projects such as Paradigms 4.0). Its aim was to give international researchers in social sciences an opportunity to exchange the results of recent research in different fields on the consequences of digital transformation on work and employment.

Prof. Ilieva took part in the stakeholders’ round table “Industry 5.0 – the view of policymakers and social partners”.  She introduced GATE and its application areas focusing on the Smart Industry application domain, which is based on Industry 4.0. “In Smart Industry application area GATE has analysed the needs of industry for digital transformation and Big Data applications and these are the first steps for bridging the gap between government, academia and business”, explained prof. Ilieva.

She pointed out that data sharing is an enabler and pillar of Industry 4.0 and highlighted the importance of raising awareness for data sharing through joint initiatives with the stakeholders. “As a national hub facilitator for the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) GATE promotes data sharing at the European level and as an official innovation hub GATE will introduce innovations in SMEs and will provide experimentation and testing environment”, said prof. Ilieva in conclusion.

BEYOND 4.0 project aims to help deliver an inclusive European future by examining the impact of the new technologies on the future of jobs, business models and welfare. BEYOND 4.0 addresses the general priorities of the H2020 Work Programme (2018-2020) “Europe in a changing world – Inclusive, innovative and reflective societies”.