In the morning, the Director of GATE, Prof. Silvia Ilieva and Prof. Desislava Petrova-Antonova, Research group leader, joined the seminar programme of the event with a presentation on the topic “How GATE unlocks the potential of Big Data through innovations?”. The presentation revealed in a fascinating way the Institute’s achievements in the field of creating data spaces and a city digital twin, and caused a flow of participants who literally surrounded the Institute’s stand.

There they were met by the GATE researchers, who spoke in detail and enthusiastically about their exciting work and its challenges. There were also demonstrations at the stand, which gave an idea of the activities in the various applied research areas of the Institute. The audience’s attention was also drawn to the GATE drone – an invaluable assistant of the researchers in data collection.

This year, once again, the “Hive” provided an opportunity to make contacts and exchange ideas.