At their stand in the Ancient Cultural and Communication Complex “Serdika” in Sofia (“Largoto”), GATE researchers presented demonstrations from the application areas of “Future Cities” and “Digital Health”. Visitors had the opportunity to peer into the secrets of the 3D model of the city and learn about the application of big data and artificial intelligence in risk assessment and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers from the application area “Disinformation Detection” organized a fun interactive game in which participants were introduced to what disinformation is and how they can recognize it.

Our young researchers found a common language with both children and adults and explained in simple words the power and usefulness of big data and artificial intelligence.

“European Researchers’ Night” is a large-scale event that has been taking place simultaneously in around 300 cities across Europe and the world for more than ten years. It aims to bring scientists and their work closer to the general public and thereby increase people’s awareness of scientific activities and achievements, as well as their effect on everyday life.