During their internship at GATE, Kristian Danielov, Margarita Savova, Simeon Hristov and Todor Andonov, who have proven their ambition, intellect and skills, are working on the “City Digital Twin” project. Together with researchers from the institute, they are learning how to apply AI and Big Data methods and algorithms to solve problems in the field of parametric urban planning, urban objects detection and feature extraction from remote sensing data such as satellite and aerial images as well as visualisation of 3D City Models.

“City Digital Twin” is one of the pilot projects of the GATE Institute, which is implementing on the territory of District Lozenets in Sofia. It connects the real and virtual world by constantly collecting data from the environment and using it to model urban processes and phenomena. The project aims to create a platform for simulation, analysis and visualization of various urban scenarios in order support city authorities with timely and informed decisions, leading to better quality of life for citizens. The first use cases of the pilot project are related to urban planning and design and wind and air quality simulations.