Last October, the International Data Spaces Association, (IDSA) ignited a new program called “IDSA Ambassadors”. This title is given to people within the IDSA network who have showcased exceptional knowledge and extraordinary effort to drive the topic of data spaces and data sovereignty. Their motivation and enthusiasm for IDSA have truly set them apart.

Prof. Ilieva was nominated as an IDSA Ambassador by the IDSA head office. She was handed over an Ambassador Certificate at a special ceremony on the first day of the Data Spaces Symposium in Darmstadt, Germany. The certificate was given by Thorsten Huelsmann, CFO of IDSA, “in recognition of her outstanding commitment in promoting international development and cooperation”.

Each of the ambassadors will help IDSA promote the understanding of data spaces, demonstrate their potential, and inspire new participants in a collaborative way, reshaping the data economy for the better.

“Ambassadors spread the good news about data spaces”, believe the people at IDSA.

Embarking on the role of an IDSA Ambassador is no ordinary feat. The selection of IDSA Ambassadors involves a careful process, with nominations reviewed by the Head Office and approved by the Board of Directors.

GATE is the Bulgarian IDSA Hub Facilitator and the catalyst of national endeavour towards Data usage and Data sharing in both industrial and public domains. It aims to be a driver for community engagement of businesses and public and city administrations and an enabler for incubation and acceleration of innovations based on data sharing and utilization at the national and regional level.