Graham Kemp, Professor of Data Science and AI at Chalmers University launched the joint workshop “Novel Political and Media Research: Experimenting with AI methods and Topics of High Societal Interest”. In the first session Irina Temnikova and Silvia Gargova presented Project TRACES results – detecting human disinformation and textual deep-fakes for a lower resourced language (Bulgarian)’. They talked about the created resources and the remaining challenges, and explained the interdisciplinary solutions involving methods from Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Journalism, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning. Assoc. prof. Milena Dobreva and Ruslana Margova presented the EU perspective on counteracting disinformation and explained how it is tackled in Bulgaria and Romania.

Borislav Bankov talked about “Hybrid Challenges and NATO“, and Keith Kiely gave a presentation “On Developing a Framework on Comparative Studies of Disinformation Narratives“.

The event also included talks from Swedish researches, regarding the opportunities and challenges of journalism in the Age of AI, conspiracy beliefs among the citizens about the Swedish general election in 2022 and other disinformation-related topics.