This joint event was organised by City Futures Research Centre, Smart Cities and Infrastructure Cluster and Geospatial Research Innovation Development (GRID) at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. Its aim was to bring together cutting-edge research, experience, and implementation relevant to city and infrastructure data, analytics, collaborative environments, and platforms for smarter decision-making at local, national, and international levels.

At the workshop entitled “Enabling Digital Twins: Technologies, standards and governance for a sustainable lifecycle”, held on 18 October 2022, Prof. Petrova-Antonova presented the GATE project in the session dedicated to Digital Twins for Cities and Urban regions. In the afternoon, she was a panellist in the roundtable “Challenges and opportunities to spatially-enabled Digital Twins” together with some renowned names in the field such as Wayne Patterson, Ben Fox, Volker Coors, Thomas Kolbe, and others.

Prof. Petrova-Antonova participated in the main conference with two articles, one of them in co-authorship with Kaloyan Karamitov. Based on the article, Kaloyan gave a talk on “Pedestrian Accessibility Assessment Using Spatial and Network Analysis: A Case of Sofia City”. The second paper presents the results from a joint master’s thesis supervised by Prof. Petrova-Antonova and Mila Koeva within the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the GATE Institute and the University of Twente. Prof. Petrova-Antonova also chaired the session on Smart data modelling and simulation 1, on the second day of the main conference.

The Smart Data and Smart Cities (SDSC) Conference is an annual international conference that brings together international experts in city analytics, GIS, digital twins, smart cities and data science from leading research institutes to discuss advances in methods and applications. It provides a forum to discuss the use of data and technology to plan and shape our future cities. SDSC is the annual conference of the Urban Data Management Society, a society over 40 years old.

3D GeoInfo is an annual international conference that provides a forum for decision-makers, professionals, academia, data providers and vendors in the field of 3D geoinformation focussing on theoretical, standardisation, technical, implementation and application issues in different disciplines. 3D Geoinfo has been organised since 2006 in different parts of the world.