She presented the GATE-coordinated VELES project to build a hub of excellence to increase the innovation potential for smart healthcare in South-East Europe. In her speech, Prof. Ilieva emphasized the potential of sharing data from the health sector.

The presentation was part of the panel to showcase European experience in the healthcare sector and digital technologies.

The event was attended by the Prime Minister Academician Nikolay Denkov, who highlighted the government’s support for science in order to increase the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy.

In her presentation, the new European Commissioner Iliana Ivanova emphasized that Bulgaria has the capacity and potential to actively participate in European innovation programs.

Spinoff Bulgaria is a leading initiative for technology transfer, science-based innovation and university spinoffs in Bulgaria. Its goal is to create and maintain a sustainable spinoff ecosystem in Bulgaria and Europe by connecting national stakeholders with international partners. By presenting best practices and opportunities for cooperation, the initiative aims to stimulate interest in the creation of spinoffs, foster a culture of technology transfer and bring together European organizations, companies, academia and investors.