Prof. Ilieva explained the concept of the city digital twin and its importance for assessing the impact of a number of policies that can be implemented in each municipality. Specific examples are air quality prediction and strategic allocation of kindergartens to advance the implementation of the 15-minute city concept.

During the forum, the GATE Director also announced the start of a EU funded project to deploy urban mobility data space. It will start in the autumn and will involve 45 partners. GATE will coordinate the Bulgarian participation in the project in partnership with the Centre for Urban Mobility and Sofia Municipality. The aim is to implement a pilot scenario for integrated urban transport.

For the third year in a row, and 3E-news organized the largest regional forum for Green Transformation, Innovations and Tomorrow’s Industries, Green Week 2023. For 3 days, over 130 panelists from 10 countries, including European Commissioners, Ministers, leading experts, business leaders, MEPs and representatives of non-governmental organizations discussed the challenges and opportunities that climate policies and the Green Transition face for our economies and societies.