The award was given to her for the creation of the GATE Institute, which is the first Center of Excellence in Eastern Europe in the field of big data and artificial intelligence.

“First and foremost, GATE is an investment in human potential. In Bulgaria, we have extremely talented researchers who deserve to be supported, so that together we can create a motivating environment for development and strengthen the position of our country as an innovation center in the region”, noted Prof. Silvia Ilieva, thanking BAIT for the high evaluation of her work.

“Thank you to the team, which stands with heart and soul, behind the work of GATE. We are the first Institute for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and the first Center of Excellence in Eastern Europe. I am proud that with our initiatives, we managed to put Bulgaria on the European and world map.” said Prof. Ilieva.

The award for special contribution to the development of information technologies was presented to Prof. Silvia Ilieva by Hristo Borisov, CEO and co-founder of Payhawk, the first Bulgarian unicorn company valued at $1 billion.