Two of Bulgaria’s golden children, Lora Lukmanova (with two silver medals – in astronomy and astrophysics) and Viktor Lilov (with a golden medal in chemistry and silver one in biology), presented their vision for the future. They talked about their vision of the problems of modern society and the solutions we can provide. “We don’t want a society where ‘objective falsehoods’ are taught,” Laura said, referencing the movie “Interstellar” – It’s our duty to leave enough to the next generation.”

“When we go to the Olympics, we see that there are people who are motivated, engaged, want to leave their mark and make the world a better place,” Victor added.

The mission of the Society of the Future, inspired by BGlobal Magazine, is to be an engine of good and support Talent in all its forms.

The initiative was created on December 7 at a gala dinner at the Millennium Grand Hotel in Sofia. The Society of the future will be a civil organization that will unite and spread the common knowledge of its members for the development of our country going forward, and for many years to come. It will work for an innovative, modern and enlightened Bulgaria.

The first founders of the Society of the Future are 50 women and men with dreams, ideas, vision and experience in business, science and education.