Prof. Ilieva spoke on the topic of the influence of Artificial Intelligence on the professions of the future, as well as the skills that people must have to practise them. She pointed out that Artificial Intelligence is good where there are repetitive, routine activities and in no way can replace human natural intelligence. “Artificial intelligence can offer solutions, but only man can decide whether to use them and how,” said prof. Ilieva.

The director of GATE explained that for the professions of the future, personal skills will be of particular importance. Among them, she put in the first place the ability to learn, to get acquainted faster with new technologies, to be creative and to think critically. She emphasized the importance of education in Big Data education and Artificial Intelligence, as well as lifelong learning.

Asked to name professions of the future, prof. Ilieva pointed out a “digital city analyst”, a “data detective” and a “data broker”.

“The more technologies we use, the more humane we should be,” concluded prof. Ilieva.