As part of the disinformation detection and research applied area, led by Assoc. Prof. Milena Dobreva, interns Veneta Kireva and Tsvetelina Stefanova worked on the TRACES project under the direct mentorship of Dr Irina Temnikova.

Their results will be published in a paper.

The interns Stefan Peev, Gabriela Vlahova, Stoyana Lambreva and Georgi Lukanov presented their work on the “City Digital Twin” project under the supervision of Prof. Desislava Petrova-Antonova.

The emphasis in all presentations was on the methods and technologies used in the research.

“We are proud of you,” said the Director of the Institute, Prof. Silvia Ilieva, who congratulated the interns on the results achieved and wished them to continue developing in their chosen scientific fields.