The enRichMyData toolbox is an integrated collection of interoperable tools and services supporting the entire lifecycle of data enrichment pipelines. By harnessing innovative technologies and infrastructure services, the toolbox empowers users to easily define highly scalable and replicable data enrichment pipelines. Notably, it reduces the need for extensive expertise while enhancing support levels, thus democratizing access to data enrichment processes.

Key features of the enRichMyData toolbox include:

  • Tools for data discovery via browsing or full-text search
  • A secure data access system
  • Advanced data manipulation and cleaning functionalities
  • Semantic enrichment of structured and semi-structured data
  • Configurable services for structured data extraction and document classification
  • Infrastructure for linking services and executing custom data enrichment pipelines
  • Support for editing and reusing entire data enrichment pipelines
  • Assistance for streaming datasets
  • A green dashboard to calculate environmental impact

During the initial phase, the project partners conducted in-depth research to specify technical and market requirements, leading to the design of a robust reference architecture for the enRichMyData toolbox. The nature and current state of development of the tools provided within the project’s scope are considered. Furthermore, the reference architecture is defined for each stage that identifies the components involved, artifacts, and data flows. Particular attention has been paid to enabling Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) at the architectural level by design.

To demonstrate its practical applicability, the enRichMyData toolbox is being applied to six diverse business cases spanning digital marketing, manufacturing, predictive maintenance, public procurement, innovation ecosystems, and mineral processing. Each case has detailed technical specifications aligned with specific key performance indicators (KPIs), enabling the validation of the toolbox’s effectiveness across various domains.

Furthermore, the project has prioritized collaboration and ecosystem building by engaging with relevant European research and innovation projects such as DataCloud, GraphMassivizer, and UPCAST. Joint sessions and dissemination seminars have facilitated discussions on common technology challenges and approaches, fostering a robust community of stakeholders, including innovators and application developers.

As the project progresses, enRichMyData remains committed to advancing the field of data enrichment, driving innovation, and empowering businesses to leverage their data effectively.

For more information about the enRichMyData project, please visit enRichMyData

About enRichMyData:

enRichMyData is a collaborative project funded by the European Commission aimed at developing a comprehensive toolbox for data enrichment pipelines. Through innovative tools and infrastructure services, enRichMyData seeks to democratize access to data enrichment processes and empower businesses across various sectors. enRichMyData is coordinated by SINTEF AS (Norway), one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations. The project partners include companies such as Phillips (Netherlands) and Bosch (Germany), dedicated to engineering and manufacturing; Spend Network (Estonia), a provider of procurement data; JOT Internet Media (Spain), a digital marketing company; CS Group (Romania), a software services company; Expert AI (Italy), a technology company specialized in natural language understanding; and Ontotext (Bulgaria), a semantic technology company. They will have the full support of the research partners that, in addition to SINTEF, include the University of Milano Bicocca (Italy), Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), GATE Institute (Bulgaria), and BGRIMM Technology Group (China).