The purpose of CoDE is to consolidate good practices in the analysis of the information environment and the information society. The grant will support ongoing counter-disinformation efforts in Bulgaria by offering a collaborative platform for development and testing of data analytics and training tools, aiming to strengthen the expert capacity to systematically analyze the information environment.

The project is implemented by the Sofia University’s Faculty of Economy and Business Administration, Faculty of Philosophy and GATE Institute in partnership with the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the Foundation European Software Institute, and the technological companies Identrix, Webcentric and Contipso, as well as representatives of the public, to create a network for cooperation and innovation in the field of the information.

The implementation of the project will go through 3 stages. In the first year, analysis and conceptualization of the main aspects will be carried out, information flows will be defined and stakeholders will be identified. In the second year, guidelines for the rationalization of new knowledge are supposed to be presented to stakeholders. In the final phase, optimization and demonstration of the achieved results will be carried out.

Direct stakeholders of the project are society as a whole, media organizations, academic institutions, the non-governmental sector and public organizations, representatives of business and state institutions.

The project is financed by the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation. After its successful completion, the information environment analysis ecosystem will seek to institutionalize and continue to work in accordance with the set business model and development strategy.

The CoDE project team believes that with its implementation, it will contribute to strengthening society against the harmful phenomena observed in relation to information, creating a more secure and informed community. Project activities in Bulgaria are of key importance for the protection of public opinion.

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