Digital Health

The activities in the Digital Health domain at GATE leverage our researchers’ expertise in developing and deploying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, biostatistics and bioinformatics methods to biomedical problems, especially those, related to cognitive diseases. Our main focus is on the Alzheimer’s disease (AD), a highly heterogeneous disease with diverse clinical manifestations and rate of progression that affects millions of people worldwide. Its causes are mostly unknown and currently it is not possible to reverse the cognitive decline, although a new medication was recently approved.


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Future cities

In the Future Cities application theme, GATE provides innovative solutions enabling the city to use technology, data and IoT to facilitate effective planning of infrastructure and services, in order to improve the quality of life of the citizens.

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Intelligent Government

In the Intelligent Government theme, GATE will help to overcome the traditional silo approach that prevents knowledge sharing and cross-working between government administrations.

Disinformation Research

GATE added disinformation research to its portfolio in 2021 in response to the growing societal need to tackle various forms of misinformation.

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Smart Industry

The industrial world is transforming with the rise of the smart industry and the growing abundance of data is becoming it’s  key driver. For smart industry, data generated by machines and devices, cloud-based solutions, business management, etc., has reached a total volume of more than 1000 exabytes annually and is expected to increase 20-fold in the next ten years.

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