SM-FEEL-BG – The First Bulgarian Datasets and Classifiers for Detecting Feelings, Emotions, and Sentiments of Bulgarian Social Media Texts

Temnikova, I., Marinova, I., Gargova, S., Margova, R., Minkov, S., Komarov, A., Grigorova, N., Mandevski, Y., Stefanova, Ts., Kireva, V., D. Vyatrova

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Disinformation research and policy responses in the Balkans

Citizen susceptibility to conspiracies and misinformation in the Balkans is among the worst in Europe, as shown in a 2020 study by GLOBSEC. The problem is exacerbated by the lack of independently certified, established fact-checkers in Bulgaria, and until very recently in Romania too.
This motivated our institute to establish a new research priority area dedicated to studying online disinformation in the Balkans and developing new AI methods for large-scale disinformation analysis in English, Bulgarian and other Balkan languages.

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Countering Disinformation Environment (Ecosystem) in Bulgaria

Coordinator of the GATE activities: Prof. Sylvia Ilieva

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