The project aims to create a multinational, multi-stakeholder, and multidisciplinary regional hub for detecting, analysing and combating disinformation circulating in Bulgaria and Romania. BROD hub will offer world-leading expertise, locally adapted multilingual tools, and capabilities for rapid detection and analysis of disinformation campaigns.


GLOBSEC, (Slovakia), Agence France Presse, (France), Athens Technology Center, (Greece), Bulgarian National Television, (Bulgaria), Vitosha Research EOOD, (Bulgaria), Scoala Nationala De Studii Politice Si Administrative, (Romania), Sirma AI EAD (ONTOTEXT), (Bulgaria), Funky Citizens, (Romania), XWIKI SOFTWARE SRL (Romania), National Training Center, (Bulgaria), Fundatia Centrul Pentru Jurnalism Independent (Romania)


Developing instruments for discovering disinformation in Bulgarian and Romanian supporting different user groups.

BROD is the unique European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO)-related hub covering Bulgaria and Romania. It will contribute to the following key areas of work of the European Digital Media Observatory, EDMO:

  • Fact-checking and open-source investigation
  • Dialogue with NRAs (national regulatory authorities)
  • Policy analysis
  • Research on disinformation
  • Media/digital information literacy
  • Countering disinformation in times of crisis