ExcellEnt has the ambition to propose a collaborative program with the mission to strengthen and homogenize entrepreneurial practices by enhancing the connectedness between the members of 6 entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe (4 emerging ones and 2 advanced ones). ExcellEnt builds on the competencies of 7 experienced partners, having vast expertise in the design and implementation of start-up support and incubation programs and aims to build bridges across EU entrepreneurial ecosystems, creating equal opportunities for arising entrepreneurs in less developed ecosystems and connections for the overall European ecosystem with the international landscape.


Institouto Anaptixis Epicheirimatikotitas Astiki Etaireia – Coordinator, International Development Ireland Limited, Creative Valley Groupe, Sabanci Universitesi, TechUkraine, Booster Labs S.A.S


The project will explore novel ways to capture, preserve, curate, organise and communicate sets of unstructured entrepreneurial experiences, stories, narratives with an emphasis to those of younger audience that is addressing the challenge of (self)employability, so that they can constitute a shared resource that people can augment, and that individuals as well as institutions can delve into, to find inspiration for new ways of conceptualising and promoting entrepreneurship, and how these new ways can be reflected into every-day practices and policies, and foundations for visions of our common European future.