The successful implementation of the outcomes of the Institute’s activities depends on their timely promotion and on the links with the target groups.

Eleonora Getsova is Communications Manager  at the GATE Institute.
She graduated from Sofia University with a master’s degree in Journalism. She also holds a second master’s degree in Pedagogy minoring in English language. Eleonora has worked at Bulgarian and foreign print and electronic media, as well as at the Information Directorate of the European Parliament in Brussels. Since 2010, she has been actively involved in the dissemination of scientific results at Sofia University as Head of the Project Management and Information Unit of the Scientific Research Centre of Sofia University. She designs, edits and publishes a wide range of information materials. Eleonora has participated in the development and implementation of over 10 projects, including as a Public Relations expert at the Center of Competence in clean technologies. She has also worked as Communications Manager of CERN-fostered European Technology Transfer Network (HEPTech).