“Borders – I have never seen one. But I have heard they exist in the minds of some people.”
/Thor Heyerdahl/ 


Boyan Presolski is a Telecommunications Engineer and the System Administrator of the GATE Institute. He provides the IT infrastructure, hardware and software of the Institute. 

Apart from his 25 years of broad experience in the field of telecommunications in Bulgaria and his engineering speciality, Boyan is also a graduate ecologist and full-fledged paramedic. He graduated as a second major in “Ecology and Environmental Protection”, which is where his interest in the protection of nature and mountains in Bulgaria comes from.

Boyan Presolski has undertaken the task to provide and maintain the necessary IT infrastructure of the employees of the GATE Institute and to support over time the opportunities provided by the latest Internet technologies, IoT and cloud services in the fields of Telecommunications and Cyber ​​Security at the Big Data level.