Every beginning is difficult but this shouldn’t prevent us from starting new things.

Denitsa Grigorova is an Experienced Researcher at the Digital Health Research Unit at GATE Institute.

She holds a bachelor degree in Applied Mathematics (2007) and a master degree in Probability and Statistics (2009) from Sofia University (SU) “St. Kliment Ohridski”. In 2014, she defended a PhD thesis entitled “EM algorithms for probit models with random effects” at SU. In 2012, she won a competition for Assistant Professor at the Department of Probability, Operations Research and Statistics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at SU and from 2014 onwards, she has a permanent position there – Chief Assistant Professor.

In the period 2018-2020, she had a post-doc grant at Bocconi University, Milan, Italy where she worked on the development of new statistical models for data from the breast cancer screening programme in Lombardy region in Italy.

Denitsa’s research interests are in the area of biostatistics and in particular,  in categorical and longitudinal data analysis.