It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see!
(Henry David Thoreau)

Georgi Petkov is an applied mathematician and the Research Leader of the “Digital Health” R&D Unit of GATE Institute.

The main areas of his expertise and research interests are in the challenging fields of computational neuroscience, data science, mathematical modelling, dynamical systems, and AI, which are naturally connected with medical imaging techniques.

During his professional career, Georgi Petkov was part of distinguished scientific teams: UCMT Sofia, Department of Mathematics; the Netherlands at SEIN clinic (Professor Fernando Lopes da Silva); the UK, Life Sciences Institute at the University of Exeter (Professor Marc Richardson); and in the US, California, where he led the Computer Vision and AI research team.

At GATE, Georgi Petkov is acting as a translational medicine multidisciplinary scientist. His work is result-oriented, and he believes that combining a scientific basis with practical application may lead to great results.