Main areas of work

In our work, we are following a two-prong approach combining research and education in the domain of disinformation.

In research, we are pioneers in developing and providing access to instruments to analyse disinformation in the Bulgarian language. We also collect datasets that other researchers can reuse. This work is complemented by research on relevant actors, tools, methods, intermediaries, dissemination dynamics, and prioritised targets of disinformation campaigns in Bulgarian and other languages.

Education in media and information literacy is a significant factor to reduce the spread of disinformation. This is why we are particularly committed to working with educators, journalists and with the population groups which are particularly susceptible to disinformation (elderly people and young generations).

Target groups

Disinformation differs in its impact on different communities. Among the generic critical disinformation, topics are health mis- and disinformation (incl. COVID-19 and vaccination), anti-EU narratives, ethnic minorities, climate change, public figures, politics, economics. We will also follow topics resonating with teenagers and young adults (health and lifestyle, celebrities, body image, sports).


AI4Media, A Centre of Excellence delivering next-generation AI Research and Training at the service of Media, Society and Democracy

Association for the Development of Information Society

Center for the Study of Democracy

National Library Ivan Vazov, Plovdiv



Disinformation Research Flagship Project

Principal Investigator: Dr. Milena Dobreva

This project focuses on the compilation of datasets that allow to study disinformation in Bulgarian social media and on testing and developing analysis tools.

Within the project, we also deliver continuous professional development training sessions to journalists, librarians, teachers and early-stage researchers.

Relevant publications:

Disinformation research in Bulgarian datasets and tools

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Past events:

GATE organises a summer school on disinformation discovery


AuTomatic Recognition of humAn-written and deepfake-generated text disinformation in soCial mEdia for a low-reSourced language (TRACES)

Funded by AI4Media, A Centre of Excellence delivering next generation AI Research and Training at the service of Media, Society and Democracy

Principal Investigator: Dr. Irina Temnikova

TRACES (2022-2023)  is developing new methods for disinformation detection in Bulgarian, a low-resourced language in terms of disinformation tools and resources provided. The innovativeness of TRACES is in detecting both human and deepfakes disinformation, recognising disinformation by its intent, the interdisciplinary mix of solutions, and creating a package of methods, datasets, and guidelines for creating such methods and resources for other low-resource languages.

InterPARES Trust AI

Principal Investigator: Dr. Milena Dobreva

InterPARES Trust AI (2021-2026) is a multi-national interdisciplinary project aiming to design, develop, and leverage Artificial Intelligence to support the ongoing availability and accessibility of trustworthy public records by forming a sustainable, ongoing partnership producing original research, training students and other highly qualified personnel, and generating a virtuous circle between academia, archival institutions, government records professionals, and industry, a feedback loop reinforcing the knowledge and capabilities of each party.

Past events:

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