In the Intelligent Government theme, GATE will help to overcome the traditional silo approach that prevents the knowledge sharing and cross-working between government’s administrations.

In Intelligent Government theme, GATE research explores the following research challenges:

  • Heterogeneous data fusion. Data sensing, linking and semantic annotation across heterogeneous data sources is a key enabler for deriving new insights and achieving interoperability between government services both at national and international levels.
  • Cross-lingual and cross-jurisdictional legal information retrieval and comparative legal research. Modelling the content in the legal domain is an activity of practical importance for rulemaking and law enforcement in Europe.
  • Semantic technologies representing semantic and ontological relations including subsumption, part-of, causality, etc. as well as domain-specific relations, properties and attributes.
  • Similarity indices over documents and document parts, ranging from words, images, tables and video to sentences and paragraphs as well as events, entities and facts.
  • Large scale data analytics based on machine learning and deep learning within and across the government to enable innovative applications, new services and optimized government processes.