“Technologies against disinformation 2.0” will present solutions against disinformation of leading Bulgarian technology companies. The event will provide a platform for the exchange of experiences as well as for the creation of future partnerships in the fight against propaganda processes.

Through the second edition of the conference, we will look at information warfare in the digital space in a new way, thanks to the latest findings of well-known experts in the sector. We will build on this knowledge to analyse the methodologies behind the distribution of manipulative content. After that, we will present the solutions developed in Bulgaria that counteract disinformation.

The conference is organised by representatives of the science and technology sector, represented by GATE, Identrics, Ontotext and Sensika.

It is aimed at journalists or citizens interested in the means of detecting false information; researchers who develop technologies in the field of artificial intelligence; representatives of organizations and institutions that are looking for ways to track and counteract disinformation processes; faculty who are involved in the development of media and information literacy programs; and students.

The event is free, but pre-registration is required at https://www.tech-against-disinfo.eu/register