A significant challenge for the healthcare sector, including policy-making, is the insufficient digitised data and sources of digitised data for customised policy planning and healthcare provision. Better data, algorithms & statistics help track progress, strengthen accountability and support effective, sustainable decisions in the healthcare sector.

A data revolution is needed to fully integrate existing and new data sources into quality healthcare and effective decision-making and to promote access to and use of data through increased support from all stakeholders. A holistic vision for a data-driven digital transformation in healthcare requires the active participation of all stakeholders – clinicians, researchers, innovators and policymakers. In the panel, we will engage their representatives to discuss how data and data sharing are transforming healthcare, leading on the one hand to new in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of diseases and their treatment and provision opportunities, on the other hand, to the creation of innovative and secure digital solutions that underpin sustainable healthcare delivery. All this is possible through supportive policies, regulations and investment mechanisms at national, regional and European level.

The panel will be moderated by Graham Kemp, professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden. The speakers are Dimitrios G. Katehakis, Head, Center for eHealth Applications and Services, Institute of Computer Science, FORTH & Director, Hellenic Digital Health Cluster; Jordan Kane, Genomic & Precision Medicine, Principal at BioCommercialisation Services; Irena Pavlova and George Petkov from GATE Institute.

For more information and registration https://forum.gate-ai.eu/