The Memorandum of understanding was signed by the director of GATE Institute, Prof. Silviya Ilieva and the director of Quasar Assoc. prof. August Ivanov.

In 2022, after applying to the International Secretariat of NATO, the GATE Institute was selected as a test centre in the area of big data and artificial intelligence and became part of the NATO’s Defense Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA). DIANA will leverage the depth of expertise and breadth of access in the Alliance to source future capabilities from dual-use innovators and create a pipeline that grows and strengthens the transatlantic innovation ecosystem. The programme will bring end-users together with the Alliance’s best and brightest innovators, scientific researchers, and tech companies to develop the most impactful dual-use technological solutions for NATO defence and security needs.

Prof. Ilieva highlighted the importance of the collaboration between GATE and Quasar. The Institute’s mission to be a bridge between science, industry and society fits into the larger NATO approach to emerging and disruptive technologies, including Quasar’s work.

Prof. Ilieva stressed upon the experience and expertise of the Institute, matching the priority areas of DIANA and Quasar. Among them are intelligent security systems, mapping of urban infrastructure, sensor technologies and simulations. GATE is the initiator of a number of initiatives such as the first Bulgarian data space and as part of its applied research area “Future Cities”, develops innovations to support the effective planning and sustainability of urban infrastructure to improve the quality of life of citizens.