The project aims to institutionalize GATE Centre of Excellence (CoE) as a globally competitive ecosystem for conducting basic and applied research and innovation in the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence areas with high social impact, by translating the scientific knowledge into new governmental, scientific, industrial and societal applications. The vision is that GATE is the heart of the fastest-growing Big Data ecosystem in Europe. GATE CoE is complementary to and equal among the top Big Data centres in Europe.


The GATE CoE is established as a joint initiative between Sofia University –   project coordinator, the most prestigious educational and scientific hub in Bulgaria, and two prominent institutions from Sweden with a strong record in Big Data research and innovation, namely – Chalmers University of Technology, an outstanding European institution with extensive experience in research, education and innovation in Big Data area and Chalmers Industrial Technology (CIT) – a leader in innovation management, university-industry collaboration and technology transfer.


GATE CoE will provide innovation excellence into four strategic application domains:

  • Future Cities
  • Intelligent Government
  • Smart Industry
  • Digital Health

The value will be created in these domains through developing research excellence mainly in topics relevant to the three technology areas – Data Insight, Data Analytics and Data Management – and on a cross-cutting level – Engineering and development. The project will conduct excellent research and go beyond the state-of-the-art in particular focus research areas such as:

  • Semantic Technologies and Interoperability
  • Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Explainable AI
  • Digital Twin
  • Big Data engineering methodologies and Quality Assurance

The services provided by the CoE, as well as most of the activities performed in the centre, will be supported by an advanced research infrastructure, comprising the GATE platform and Open Innovation Labs.