The Digital Twin Cities Centre hosted by Chalmers is one of the twenty-one Centres of competence funded by VINNOVA, Sweden’s innovation agency. The centre aims to establish Digital Twin Cities as the foundation for digital planning, design, construction and management of sustainable, intelligent and inclusive Swedish cities and regions.


A broad consortium of 27 Swedish and international stakeholders (4 from the academic circles, 7 public and 16 from industry) with a base at Chalmers will cooperate in Digital Twin Cities.

Sofia University participates with researchers from the GATE Institute. GATE will contribute with expertise in data management and integration, 3D modelling and simulation of city processes and environmental phenomena.


Cutting-edge research will be conducted in eight different research areas, covering all aspects necessary to develop the large-scale digital twin technology, and to harvest the opportunities it brings in new approaches to urban planning and design, architecture and digital construction.

To support the digitalisation of the urban sector, special attention is paid to the transfer of knowledge to industry and urban administration.